Alkaline Stuffed Dates




Wilson Farms Aims To Set A NEW STANDARD When It Comes To Healthy Eating. ALL Of Our Foods Are Naturally Sweetened (No Refined Sugars), Gluten FREE, Organic, Vegan, Alkaline and NON GMO products. Join Us As We Attempt To Change The World One Order At A Time!!!

Even Before The Current Pandemic, We Took Purity & Safety VERY Seriously. Since This Is The World We Now Live In, You Can Rest Assured That Every Member At Wilson Farms Will ALWAYS Take The Necessary Precautions To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe. To Ensure This, Everything Is Personally Cooked, Prepared & Packaged By Members Of The Wilson Family, In A Clean, Sterilized Environment.


I personally owe all of my teachings and guidance to the late and great Dr. Sebi. He is no longer with us, but his spirit and teachings live on through his family and students. The unfortunate death of rapper Nipsey Hustle introduced me to Dr. Sebi. Nipsey Hustle was working on a Dr. Sebi documentary at the time of his death, the documentary is still yet to be released. I encourage anyone to educate themselves through Dr. Sebi's teachings and methods if you have not done so. He has caused remarkable and life altering changes in my life. You can visit his website below, or search youtube or instagram for his many videos.


I Begin Each Morning With A 4 Hour Intermittent Fast. During This Time I ONLY Drink Warm Lime Juice Water, This Helps Break Down The Food From The Night Before. I Also Drink Spring Water By Itself During This Time. When The Intermittent Fast Is Complete, I Blend 2 Bananas, 2 Handfuls Of Strawberries & Blueberries, 1 Handful Of Nuts & Kale, Then Finally 1 Cup Of Spring Water. I Also Add 1 Piece Of Spelt Avocado Toast. Later In The Evening, I'll Have A Romaine Lettuce Salad With A Main Course That Usually Consists Of Alkaline Chili, Chickpea Pasta, Perhaps My Delicious BBQ Mushroom Burger W/ Vegan Coleslaw, Or Some Of My Wife's Delicious Homemade Nigerian Stew With Wild Rice. Now Don't Get Me Wrong, I Succumb And Indulge On Something I Shouldn't But, That Something Is Never Meat And Should Never Be Too Far Away From Home. One Of My Guilty Pleasures Is Sunflower Seeds. They Help Curve My Hunger Until My New Meal & Give Me The Satisfaction That Im Eating Something But I'm Really Not, Thanks For That Trick Dad! Like I Said, Remember That No one Is Perfect, So Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself Along Your Journey. Allow Yourself To Indulge But Also Hold Yourself Accountable. Then To Finish The Night Off, I Will Have Some Of Our Very Own Snacks. Its Typically The Alkaline Trail Mix, "Cheese" Bites Or Stuffed Dates. I Will Then Intermittent Fast Again For 4 Hours, Take My Sea Moss Pills And Go To Sleep!